Postcard Collages



To See or Not To See

Revenge is sweet like honey on the tongue,
sayeth the Prince of Denmark known as Hamlet.
But what comes of this is a pile of dung,
of bodies poisoned, drowned, hanged – but yet
conscience doth make them all a coward,
many driven to madness and despair;
they don’t know how to go forward
without misfortune that is unfair.
The play, quite gloomy and dark,
is worth a tuppence or a quid
For Shakespeare doth leave his mark
on history with his re-creation of Kyd.

The Bubble

Six counties within a stone’s throw of the White House

Are the wealthiest in the country.

More money is made and spent than anywhere else.

More live in McMansions and drive Lexuses.

More work at defense contractors and tech companies.

They live in an invisible bubble, many unaware

That among them there are families crowded

Together in one-bedroom apartments.

That the homeless hide in tents alongside freeways.

That “downsizing” means many will lose more than

Their jobs, but also their houses, their cars,

Their self-respect. Your former neighbor

May be in line at the food bank tomorrow.

But Northern Virginia is where the jobs are.

Or so they say.


The New South

(I wrote this in response to a great poem on the same theme from Andrew in New Zealand for Postcard Poetry Fest and sent to my friend Ray who I figured would appreciate it. He did. Andrew must have been inspired by sending a postcard to someone in Virginia,)

In the land of cotton and tobacco

amid the grandeur of plantations,

the gentry strolled their well-manicured lawns

and surveyed all that was theirs.

Little did they know their great-great-grandsons

would not carry on their tradition in the New South,

but would sit in secret rooms behind locked doors,

trawling meta-data for terrorist connections to Yemen.

When did they start to pledge allegiance

to the NSA, not the CSA?

Head and the Heart

(A Postcard Poetry Fest poem of mine that Amanda in France responded to with her own take. It was brilliant!)

They say the heart wants it wants

and the head should follow its lead.

But if your heart goes astray

on the wrong path

how does the head catch up

to put it back the right way?

The union between the head and the heart

is easier said than done,

when the head says to stay on earth

and the heart wants to fly to the sun.

Tales of the Tails


(More Postcard Poetry Fest poems I wrote)

Japanese say when a cat’s tail
stands up, tomorrow will bring sun.
Russians think a cat in a new house
before humans move in brings luck.
Aesop said they were devious and cunning,
Pliny thought them filled with lust.
Ancient Egyptians revered them as
goddesses, mummifying them.
Does my cat, shedding white fur
on my red couch, give a thought
to these tales?
No chance at all.